Mitsubishi MI-Pilot vehicles

In recent years, automakers have invested more heavily in their driver-assistance technologies. Mitsubishi is an automaker that’s well known for its cutting-edge technology. Its MI-PILOT Assist system combines adaptive cruise control with lane-centering assistance to make the driving experience safer and more comfortable. The robust system takes the stress out of busy highway driving by providing drivers with greater control over their Mitsubishi.

What Is Mitsubishi MI-PILOT Assist?A Black Mitsubishi Car parked on the street in front of a glass window

Mitsubishi Motors first introduced the MI-PILOT Assist system in the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. It’s just another addition to Mitsubishi’s long lineup of driver-assistance software aimed at correcting common driver mistakes. As one of the first automakers to adopt and market adaptive cruise control technology, Mitsubishi knows the importance of safe driving.

The MI-PILOT Assist system assists with single-lane driving on busy highways. Its goal is to help take the stress out of stop-and-go traffic jams. MI-PILOT Assist falls into Mitsubishi’s same-lane highway driving assistance technology category and works best on busy highways.

How Does MI-PILOT Assist Work?A Black Mitsubishi Car parked on the street in front of a glass window

The MI-PILOT Assist system is a forward-facing camera mounted to the vehicle’s windshield that pairs with a front-mounted radar device able to detect the vehicle’s braking, steering, and acceleration. It’s also able to assess and adjust the vehicle’s speed on the highway at both low and high speeds. The system can predict dense traffic patterns and make the automatic adjustments necessary to get the vehicle where it needs to go safely and quickly.

While MI-PILOT Assist’s primary component is an adaptive cruise control system with stop-and-go functionality, it also has a road sign recognition system that’s able to read speed limit signs and adjust the vehicle’s speed accordingly. The technology embedded in MI-PILOT Assist uses data gathered from the vehicle’s GPS and navigation systems to make minor adjustments to the vehicle’s driving as traffic conditions change.

Benefits of MI-PILOT Assist

Mitsubishi’s MI-PILOT Assist takes the stress out of hectic highway driving by allowing you to adjust your vehicle’s speed automatically and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. If a vehicle stops ahead, MI-PILOT Assist will stop your Mitsubishi as well, significantly reducing the chance of a collision. It also automatically slows the vehicle down when other vehicles start to slow down and resumes the preset speed when the other vehicles start to speed up again.

MI-PILOT Assist is also able to accelerate your vehicle and pass slower vehicles on the road. By proactively adjusting your vehicle’s speed on busy roads, the system offers increased safety capabilities. It can assist with your long-distance driving and keep you centered in your lane, decreasing the chance of your vehicle veering into the wrong lane.

Do All Models Have MI-PILOT Assist?

The MI-PILOT Assist technology first came with the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander, and new Mitsubishi vehicles have the system. MI-PILOT Assist’s same-lane driver-assistance system works in all new Mitsubishi models, and it makes it easier to drive long distances by reducing the fatigue associated with stop-and-go traffic. Your local Mitsubishi dealer knows the system best, and they can help you learn how to configure it and use it as a first-time buyer.

Can I Turn the Assist Off?

While the Mitsubishi MI-PILOT Assist system’s purpose is to minimize or outright eliminate the worst burdens of driving, there may be times when you don’t want to use it. If you have a Mitsubishi equipped with the technology, it’s automatically turned off until you choose to activate it. If the MI-PILOT Assist system or other safety features don’t work, you should check to see if anything is blocking the front radar sensor area.

How Does MI-PILOT Assist Keep Me Safe?

MI-PILOT Assist keeps you safe by automatically monitoring the traffic conditions around your vehicle and making driving adjustments for you. Various advanced safety technologies help prevent accidental lane departures. The system controls your acceleration, brakes, and steering to improve the way you drive and offer you greater flexibility while on a busy highway. It ensures that you follow the speed limits and don’t drift in and out of lanes.

What Are the Best Features of the Assist?

The following MI-PILOT Assist features work together to improve your driving and help you stay safe on the road:

Adaptive Cruise Control With Blind-Spot Assist

Adaptive cruise control maintains your vehicle’s speed and its distance from the detected vehicle ahead of you. The system deactivates after three minutes of inactivity, and MI-PILOT Assist will engage the parking brake. When activated, the blind-spot assist feature will monitor the areas near the driver’s side and help you change lanes as needed.

Lane-Keep Assist

MI-PILOT Assist’s lane-keeping assistance feature ensures that you don’t drift into the wrong lane on a busy highway. It activates the feature whenever it detects a vehicle ahead of you, and it can turn on signals if you’re in the wrong lane and need to move over.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Thanks to the traffic sign recognition technology in the MI-PILOT Assist system, your vehicle is able to slow down automatically when the system detects a lower speed limit ahead and speed up when the limit increases. This feature can be especially useful when you’re accelerating onto or decelerating off of a busy highway.

Steering Assistance

Mitsubishi’s MI-PILOT Assist also provides steering inputs designed to help you navigate poor road conditions. The robust steering assistance system can detect potholes and bumps, lessening their impact and their wear and tear on your vehicle. It also works to increase vehicle stability when driving around sharp curves or going up and down hills.

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