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If you’re looking for a good deal on a new Mitsubishi in Delray Beach, Florida, look no further than Performance Mitsubishi. Besides offering the most competitive sticker prices, our dealership also runs a variety of new car specials that provide incredible savings, from cash rebates to low-interest financing deals. These financial incentives can considerably reduce the overall cost of your car purchase, making it easier for you to own your next vehicle. Start exploring our new car specials now to see if your ideal Mitsubishi is on the list.

How Our New Car Specials Work

Purchasing a new vehicle is one of the larger investments you’ll make, so you should take advantage of any opportunities to save money. Performance Mitsubishi strives to give you the best possible deal on a new Mitsubishi through our new car specials. These special offers apply to selected models in the latest Mitsubishi lineup, including popular ones such as the Mirage, Eclipse Cross, Outlander, and Outlander Sport.

Performance Mitsubishi offers a wide array of new vehicle specials to cater to different car buyers. Some of them may be applicable to you, while others may not. It’s essential that you understand the different types of financial incentives available so that you can choose one that you qualify for. Below are a few common types of new car specials you can find at our dealership:

Customer Cash

This special offer is a cash discount given to customers who purchase a new vehicle from our dealership. Basically, it’s a rebate from the manufacturer that helps you save $250 or $500 on your car purchase. You can either use it to lower the price of your chosen vehicle or have it deposited into your bank account.

Customer Loyalty Rebate

If you currently own a Mitsubishi vehicle, you may receive a customer loyalty rebate. Mitsubishi gives out this rebate as a way to show appreciation to its loyal customers. It will certainly make your next Mitsubishi purchase more gratifying.

Low-Interest Financing Deals

If you’re eligible for our financing specials, you can get a low APR on your auto loan for the first few years of your car ownership. This gives you a longer amount of time to pay off your loan while accruing less interest. Typically, you need to have a solid credit history to be eligible for a low-interest financing plan. If you want to know whether you meet the credit requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lease Specials

Do you prefer to lease a vehicle instead of buying one? Check out our amazing lease deals. These specials come with an affordable upfront cost and lower monthly payment, making it easy for you to get behind the wheel of your favorite Mitsubishi.

New Car Specials Change on a Regular Basis

At Performance Mitsubishi, we rotate our new car specials on a monthly basis to give you a wider array of vehicles to choose from. If none of the currently featured vehicles strike your fancy, be sure to check back next month. Over time, we run specials on every car and SUV in the Mitsubishi lineup, so you can rest assured you’ll eventually find something that fits your needs.

If the Mitsubishi model you want to buy is on offer, get in touch with our staff via phone, live chat, or email. We’ll find out if you qualify for the special and apply it to your car purchase if you do.

Why You Should Use Our New Mitsubishi Specials

Here at Performance Mitsubishi, we offer our new Mitsubishi specials for our most sought-after models, and for good reason. One of the main benefits of using a new car special is that it enables you to afford a model that you thought was beyond your means. Depending on your location, financial standing, or current vehicle, you may be entitled to certain discounts that can considerably lower the cost of your new car. You can either keep the money you save or use it to purchase a better vehicle.

In some cases, a new car special can shave thousands of dollars off the price of a Mitsubishi model. That may be enough to upgrade to a larger vehicle, higher trim level, or more powerful engine. You can also choose to spend the savings on optional packages and features, such as all-wheel drive, an off-road package, or additional tech or safety features.

Aside from making new Mitsubishis more affordable, our new vehicle specials can also contribute to a quicker and easier car-shopping experience. With such a large selection of new vehicles to choose from, it can be difficult for you to find your perfect match. Instead, you can just look for a model you like here and do research on it before making your way to our dealership. This not only helps you make a better-informed decision, but it also saves you time and hassle.

Should You Buy or Lease a New Mitsubishi?

If you’re interested in our Mitsubishi lease specials, you may want to know how leasing differs from financing. Basically, a lease is similar to a long-term car rental. While you have to return the vehicle at the end of your lease, you’ll have a significantly lower monthly payment compared to buying a car. If you find that you’ve grown to love your leased car, you can also choose to purchase it when your lease is up. Financing is a better option if you want to eventually own your vehicle or prefer not to have any mileage restrictions.

Whether you live in Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, or Fort Lauderdale, you’re only a short drive away from a fantastic deal on a new Mitsubishi. With the new car specials available at Performance Mitsubishi, you can purchase your dream ride at an unbeatable price. Other than great savings, our dealership also offers flexible financing solutions that we can tailor to your unique needs so that you can enjoy your new car with minimal financial worries. If you need more information about our new vehicle specials, feel free to contact us.