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Has it been more than a few years since you’ve replaced the tires on your car? If so, make it your mission to get new tires sometime very soon. Our service center can provide you with various tire-related services when you need them. Whether you want your existing tires rotated or brand-new ones installed, you can count on our trusted technicians to get the job done for you. Continue reading to discover more about our tire services.

How Often Should You Replace Your Car’s Tires?

Your car’s tires aren’t going to last forever. Every set of tires will last a slightly different amount of time, but generally speaking, you should try to get into the habit of replacing your car’s tires every five to six years. You might get away with using your car’s tires for a little longer than that if you don’t drive very much. But even if you don’t put too many miles on car tires, you should always make it a point to replace them every 10 years, at the very least.

Why Is It Important To Replace Your Car’s Tires Regularly?

It’s imperative to replace your car’s tires on a regular basis for a long list of reasons. First and foremost, you may put yourself and possibly others in danger if you don’t replace your car tires often enough. The tread on your car’s tires wears down over time, increasing the chances of you struggling to bring your vehicle to a stop when you push down on the brake pedal. This could make getting into an accident more likely.

The rubber on your car’s tires also gets thinner when you keep driving around on the same tires for an extended period. This could lead to your car’s tires popping on you seemingly out of the blue, potentially even when you’re behind the wheel driving on the highway. This could cause you to lose control of your car and put yourself and others in harm’s way, which is another reason why you should stay on top of replacing your car’s tires.

What Are Some Signs You Need To Replace Your Car’s Tires?

If you’re diligent about replacing your car’s tires every five or six years, you might not think you need to monitor them closely for issues on a regular basis. But you should keep an eye on your car’s tires by inspecting them every few months to see what kind of shape they’re in. You might see signs that indicate you need to replace them sooner rather than later. Here are some signs that suggest you should get new tires for your car:

  • Your car’s tires fail the so-called quarter test.
  • Your car’s tires have cracked sidewalls.
  • Your car’s tires are bulging in certain spots.
  • Your car’s tires are causing your vehicle to shake when you drive it.
  • Your car’s tires don’t provide good traction, especially on slippery roads.
  • Your car’s tires have metal cords that are starting to show.

If you see even one of these signs, you should do your best not to ignore it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your car’s tires, so you should strive to have them replaced ASAP if you notice something that doesn’t seem right.

Where Should You Have Your Car’s Tires Replaced?

The good news is that you shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding a place to provide you with new tires for your car. There are plenty of tire shops scattered throughout the country. You should not, however, simply trust the first tire shop you come across to supply you with new tires. Instead, consider bringing your car to our dealership so we can set you up with the new car tires you need.

There are many benefits of going through our dealership when having new tires put on your car. Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • We help you pick out the right tires for your specific vehicle.
  • We make sure that your new tires are installed on your car properly and balanced in the right way.
  • We offer great prices on new car tires.

We can also speak with you about any warranties that are available on whichever tires work best for your car. This means you can take full advantage of a warranty when you purchase new car tires through us.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Your Car’s Tires?

You might be under the impression that you’ll have to toss our dealership the keys to your car and leave your vehicle with us for days on end to have new car tires fitted on your vehicle. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. We can install new car tires for you quickly, often in under an hour, and send you on your way. Replacing the tires on your car is a quick service that our technicians are more than happy to take care of for you.

How Much Will New Car Tires Cost?

The price you’ll have to pay for new car tires depends on many different factors. Everything from the type of tires you buy to the tire specials available when you invest in new car tires will impact the cost. Our dealership can ensure you get the lowest price possible when you buy tires for your vehicle through us. We also offer financing options if you’d prefer to pay off your new car tires over time.

Make an Appointment at Our Service Center To Replace Your Car’s Tires

Is it time for you to remove the old tires from your car and replace them with new ones? Or are you in need of other tire services, such as a tire rotation? Our dealership is here to help and can provide you with the tires and tire services you need.

Schedule an appointment at our service center so you don’t have to worry about your car’s tires in the coming years.


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