Wiper Blade Maintenance

Do you find it increasingly challenging to clear your windshield when it rains? Is the glass always left with streaks you must manually wash off later? Having functioning windshield wipers is essential for your safety and others on the road. Check out this guide answering common questions about wiper blade replacement.

How Often Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

Driving during a rainstorm while the windshield wipers move back and forth

Numerous factors affect the need for wiper blade replacement, such as the temperature and climate where you live and how frequently you use them. Generally, wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year. It’s important to regularly inspect the rubber for wear and damage in case you need them sooner than expected.

If you see any signs of streaking, skipping, chattering, bent frames, missing components, or blurry glass, it’s probably time to change your wipers. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and owners manual for your specific vehicle.

How Simple Is It To Replace Wiper Blades?

Wiper blade replacement is a simple maintenance activity that most people do on their own. Start with purchasing the appropriate wiper blades for your vehicle. They come in various sizes, so check the owners handbook for your car or refer to the relevant manufacturer’s sizing table.

You’ll need to lift the wiper arm away from the windshield until it’s pointed upright, and from there, remove the old blade from the wiper arm before fitting the replacement inside. Some wiper arms use a push tab, while others have a pull tab. The blade may occasionally need to be rotated or slipped out of a hook-style attachment.

Be sure to line up the new wiper blade in the same location on the wiper arm and that it firmly clicks or locks into place. Finally, slowly drop the wiper back onto the glass in its normal position.

Turn on your wipers to check that the new blades are operating smoothly and properly. Check whether it makes appropriate contact with the windshield and use your windshield washer fluid to test how well the new blades remove moisture.

What Are the Dangers of Driving With Faulty Wiper Blades?

Driving with damaged or filthy wiper blades is risky for you and anyone else on the Delray Beach roads. Inadequate wiper blade maintenance may result in the following issues:

  • Lowered visibility: Dirty or worn-out wiper blades may not remove water, snow, ice, or other debris from your windshield. This can severely reduce visibility, making seeing the road ahead, other cars, pedestrians walking, or traffic signs challenging. Even if you notice something that requires you to stop and steer in another direction, you may notice it too late.
  • Streaks and glares: A clouded or glaring windshield can make seeing the road and potential obstacles difficult, even during perfect weather. Poor windshield wiping can result in streaks or smears, which can generate glare when exposed to bright light. Having a clear windshield is essential, from traffic lights on a night drive to sunlight reflecting on metal during the day.
  • Distraction and driving fatigue: Having limited visibility through your windshield can be psychologically stressful. Your focus is diverted from the road, and the increased risk can make driving in rough weather very uncomfortable and risky.
  • Scratched or damaged windshield: Wiper blades are made partially of rubber pieces that deteriorate with time. They can form tears and other problems when they get older, and if left too long, they may even start to scratch your windshield. This’ll create distracting lines and may even reduce the structural integrity of the glass.

Poor visibility caused by inclement weather increases the possibility of accidents, especially when you can’t count on your wipers to clear the water away. Adding new, quality blades when necessary is a relatively simple and affordable maintenance task. And it saves you from all the risks above and keeps your windshield looking great.

What Are the Best Wiper Blades Brands?

The best wiper blade brands produce blades recognized for their performance and quality. Like other Mitsubishi parts from our shop, you’ll get the best and most affordable ownership experience by sticking with quality parts. You can generally count on any appropriately fitting wiper blades from the following companies:

  • Bosch.
  • Rain-X.
  • Michelin.
  • Trico.
  • ANCO.
  • Aero.
  • PIAA.

These companies provide a variety of wiper blades that work with different car makes and models, often with technology to better move moisture or longer-lasting silicone material. Even if you pick blades from these brands, replace them at the right time. In most cases, that’ll be six months to a year, but different brands and products are unique, so check the packaging or look up the manual for any wiper blades you intend to buy.

Always adhere to the wiper blade manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions for the best performance and longevity. Remember that regardless of the manufacturer, it’s crucial to regularly inspect your wiper blades and replace them if you see any signs of wear, such as streaking, skipping, or a reduction in wiping power.

Last but not least, avoid third-party windshield wiper blades, even if those by a lesser-known brand are lower in price. They may work effectively for a while, but they’re usually of inferior quality, and their effectiveness and dependability won’t be as good as those of the top windshield wiper brands. If you use your wipers fairly often, you’ll spend less on higher-quality blades, as they’ll likely last a lot longer on average before needing replacement.

Buy Replacement Wiper Blades at Performance Mitsubishi

Even if you might not think twice about your wiper blades until an issue arises, you’ll be glad you looked after them when encountering a rainstorm or unexpected splash of mud. At Performance Mitsubishi, we only use reputable wiper blade manufacturers so that our clients may drive with confidence. Our experts will examine your wiper blades and install brand-new, high-quality wipers that are optimal for your car. To get started right away, schedule a service appointment with Performance Mitsubishi.

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