Best Mitsubishi Cars for Families

August 26th, 2022 by

Japanese cars are some of the most reliable and popular cars in the United States. However, one of the most well-known Japanese car manufacturers, Mitsubishi, has especially high-rated cars for the whole family. These special models come equipped with everything you need to keep your loved ones safe and entertained as they enjoy the ride. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of Mitsubishi’s family-friendly cars and the features that make them our favorite rides.


There’s no need to sacrifice style for safety and space in this sleek and sporty vehicle. Mitsubishi has been manufacturing the Outlander since 2001, and it remains one of their most popular models. Perfect for the whole family, the Outlander is full of safety features, such as the Electronic Control all-wheel drive (AWD), which uses intuitive sensors to communicate every touch of the driver to each wheel of the car. It’s also got a forward-collision mitigation system, which automatically applies the brakes if the possibility of rear-ending another driver is spotted by the cameras.

Of course, the Outlander is also equipped with a camera system that allows you many different views while you back up. Plus, the Smart Key allows you to control the tailgate remotely, which is very convenient when you have your hands full of groceries or kids.

Designed with comfort in mind, the Outlander also has lots of space for each of the 5 to 7 passengers it holds, including extra headroom and legroom. You can also choose your fuel type and efficiency, based on which model of this vehicle you purchase. The 2020 GT model exerts massive horsepower at the cost of needing premium fuel rather than regular unleaded gas. The 2020 hybrid model flaunts both a four-cylinder engine and two electric motors, spiking up your fuel efficiency.


Mitsubishi’s new Mirage model offers a multiplicity of options for the family. Four different variations on this compact sedan give you the ability to choose the look you prefer so that everyone can ride in style. One of Mitsubishi’s most affordable vehicles, the Mirage is great for a family on a budget, without losing any of those great family features.

The Mirage also features the most up-to-date safety technology. The backup camera and automatic windshield wipers help you drive safely, while the stability control makes it easier for you to handle the vehicle without running into problems. The LED daylight running and fog lamps help you to see any obstacles on the road. And with the Mirage’s excellent fuel efficiency, you can get anywhere you want without spending a fortune. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle varies between 36 and 43 miles per gallon, depending on whether it’s in the city or on the highway.

To top it off, there’s a comfortable spot for everybody in the Mitsubishi Mirage. The standard 2022 model seats five, with 17.1 cubic feet of cargo space for groceries and kids’ backpacks. In case you need more, the rear seats fold down to give you a total of 47 cubic feet of cargo space.

Outlander Sport

For a versatile and handsome SUV, look no further than the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It’s loaded up with all the latest technology, including remote keyless entry and USB-A and USB-C charging ports. Higher trim levels offer the FAST-Key Entry System, which lets you unlock your car, start the engine, and drive away without having to find your keys. Plus, it has the rear-view camera and the forward-collision mitigation system that is also featured in the regular Outlander, keeping you and your family safe wherever you go. Don’t worry about connection either, because the Outlander Sport offers all the connection you need with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth 2.0 technology with advanced speech recognition.

Since the Outlander Sport was designed with Mitsubishi’s sport lineup in mind, you can be sure that you’re getting lots of power and beauty in this family-friendly vehicle. The GT Special Edition gives you a luxe experience with gloss black accents against the leather-appointed surfaces. The Outlander Sport seats five, with plenty of room for cargo and a low floor for easy loading.

Finally, the Outlander Sport is true to its sporty origins with plenty of verve in its cylinders. The 2.0-liter MIVEC engine offers both automatic and manual transmission, and the 145 lb-ft of torque zips you right down the road — unless you’re driving the GT Special Edition, and then you get 167 lb-ft. Still, none of this kills your fuel economy. The Outlander Sport has an average mileage of 27, hitting 30 mpg on the highway and 24 in the city.

Eclipse Cross

Are you looking for a robust yet beautiful set of wheels for the family? Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross is the answer you’re looking for. This lovely vehicle is packed with safety, from pedestrian detection to automatic high beams to a lane departure warning system. The adaptive cruise control adjusts your speed based on the speed of the vehicle in front of you, while the rain-sensing wipers free up your hands for driving. The Eclipse Cross is fully designed to keep your family safe.

That’s not all, though. The five comfortable seats are fully equipped with climate control and plenty of breathing room. With 23.4 cubic feet of trunk space and 50.1 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down, you’ll always have a spot for everyone and everything in the Eclipse Cross. Of course, there’s a nice display and full connectivity for your smartphone as well.

The Eclipse Cross also offers plenty of power without hedging on fuel efficiency. Fuel economy ranges from 29 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg in the city. And it comes with an optional towing package that can haul up to 1,500 pounds.

As you can see, Mitsubishi offers a full lineup when it comes to family vehicles. If you’re interested in driving around Delray in one of these beauties, or if you want to contact us about our other models, contact us or come visit us at our dealership.

Mitsubishi Outlander by ajay_suresh is licensed with CC BY 2.0